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Użytkownik:Paulina Studniczka (WMPL)

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Paulina Anna Studniczka
Paulina Anna Studniczka
Community Support Coordinator, Wikimedia Polska

About me

My name is Paulina Anna Studniczka, but you can call me by my nickname - Foka. I am social project manager and animator of culture. I love working with people. For over a decade I have been working as a volunteer in NGOs and cultural institutions. Privately - I love traveling, food and dogs. I'm an editor on Polish Wikipedia. I live in Wrocław, Poland.

My work

I have been working for Wikimedia Polska since Semptember 2020. I provide assistance to volunteers - creators of Wikimedia projects in Poland. I organize competitions, editing campaigns and local events. I support the organization and development of our trainers.

Contact me

My email: (en-2, de-1)