Novi Singers

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Novi Singers – polska jazzowa grupa wokalna działająca w latach 1965–1985.

  • There is this epidemic of labelling, everybody labels everybody – seems some people can't sleep at night without having everything neatly classified. I don't give a damn if somebody says I sing church music, and somebody says it's military marches and somebody says it's nursery rhymes, and somebody else wonders if it's jazz. (...) I don't care what it's going to get called, I just want it to be good.
  • Above all we found the human voice to be a perfect jazz instrument and that the possibilities in sound, expression and interpretation were unlimited. We knew that there was still much to be done in the field we had chosen and so we decided to become real improvisers: to create music while singing. We resigned from lyrics, and began to scat. Texts are self-determining and make improvisation difficult, while we want our music to be spontaneous, fresh and full of improvising expression and rhythmic dynamism that belongs to afro-rooted music.
    • Autor: Ewa Wanat
    • Źródło: Jazz Forum 1/1971